1 Day Motivational Class

The ultimate goal of a motivational speaking is to change people profoundly on an emotional and/or mental level, and to help them make some kind of professional or personal change in their lives and within themselves. People naturally tend to focus on all their problems, and as a motivational speaker our team help them to focus on the many opportunities instead, by using any number of persuasive speech tactics to inspire and motivate.

1.What is the right place to keep household and interior decoration objects.
2.Improving relationships, children education, job promotion and growth, savings and money flow.

How to Decide the Right Direction for Placement of Interior Objects?
  • Television
  • Computer
  • How to Select Beneficial Paintings & Photographs
Everyday Benefits with Vastu
Attract Money through Vastu
  • Take Care of Your zones
  • Money Flows Through The Right Entrance
  • Attract Money Opportunities with Flowers
Living Healthy with Vastu
Vastu Secrets for Enjoying Family Harmony
  • Relationships and Your Home
  • Buildings Control your behaviour
  • Remedies to Control the Aggressive Behaviour of Your Child
How to Avoid Delay in Marriage and Childbirth?
How to Select a New House?
  • Points to Remember While Selecting a New House
  • A Few Precautions – Vastu Guidelines
  • Planning of Rooms

Connection of You, vastu & Astrology

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