Vastu for Mirror Position and Placement

Vastu for Mirrors attracts much 

attention from Vastu Shastra’s ardent followers. 

And for 

a good cause. 

When it comes to house Vastu 

overall, mirrors play a very important role. 

They have the capacity in the 

house to put in other good energies. 

Not only this, you can hold negative energies at 

bay by placing mirrors in appropriate places inside your home.

For general, glass-looking mirrors in 

the home have a value. 

But these days they are also being 

used to improve a space’s architectural interest. 

Placing mirrors in the right places in the house will add 

a touch of sophistication and quality to the house’s overall Vastu.

Importance of Mirrors 

according to Vastu Shastra

Vastu for mirrors has increasingly gained importance because of the value they bring in terms of harnessing and reflecting back positive energies in the house.

Mirrors are used in Vastu Shastra to increase a space or direction that is cut in the house. Since mirrors have a quality of reflecting what is visible in them, they give an impression of doubling a cut area when placed appropriately.

The mirror position as per Vastu in your home can definitely increase the flow and circulation of positive energies and keep away negative energies.

Vastu for Mirrors : Ideal Mirror Positions & Placement

Traditional texts on Vastu Shastra have no mention of mirrors per say. However, if we closely look at their qualities, the one that stands out is their ability to reflect back.

Now if we have to associate mirrors to one of the five elements of nature, it has to be the water element.
This is simply because among the five elements, water element is the one which also has the quality of reflection. When you look into water, you can see yourself to some extent.

Thus, Vastu categorizes mirrors as water element in 5 elements.

This is important to know because Vastu Shastra suggests placing different objects in the house depending upon the element they represent. Let’s understand the ideal placement of mirrors in different directions and walls of the house:

Mirror Placement on North & East walls 

Since mirrors represent the water element, you can hang  them on the North or East walls of the house. This is because both North and  east direction fully support the water element. An important point to note is that while choosing mirrors, you should avoid square shape mirrors for North walls and round shape mirrors for East walls. A rectangular mirror is ideal for both these directions.

Mirror Placement on North-East wall

The North East direction also has a dominance of water element. Therefore, mirrors can easily be placed on the North East walls also. In fact; mirrors are extensively used in Vastu to rectify cuts or defects in the North East of the house. Round or rectangular shape mirrors are ideal for North East.

Mirror Placement on West wall

In situations where there is a cut in the West zone of the house, mirror placement can also be done on the West walls as per Vastu. This will enhance the overall zonal strength of the West walls or direction. A round or even a square shape mirror would be good for West walls.

Mirror Placement on South-East wall

The placement of mirrors on the South-East walls or south-east direction is a strict no. The South-East zone is governed by the fire element which is anti to the water element. Thus, placing mirrors in the south-east is like putting water into fire. Both the water and fire will be thrown out of balance leading to serious problems in the house. Mirrors in South-East can cause sudden accidents, financial losses and serious digestive health problems.

Mirror Placement on South wall

South also represents and placing a mirror here can completely ruin the energies of this zone. A mirror on south walls can attract court cases, legal problems and even jeopardize the social reputation of the residents. If there is no option, the best remedy for mirror on south wall is to either cover it with a brown/green cloth or keep it enclosed inside a wardrobe or closet.

Mirror Placement on South West walls

The dominance of earth element in South West prohibits the placement of mirrors here. A mirror placed in the South West can cause disharmony among family members and can lead to frequent quarrels. Since this direction also controls the safe keeping of money, mirrors here can double your expenses, mostly wasteful expenses.

Mirror Vastu Tips for bedroom

A lot of people wanted us to write about the right place for mirrors in bedroom as per Vastu. So here are some mirror Vastu tips for bedroom:

When it comes to deciding the right place for mirrors in bedroom, the first recommendation would be to completely avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom.

This is because mirrors reflect back energies, both positive and negative. In fact, if you’re not able to sleep well and feel restless, mirrors in the bedroom could be the reason.

Mirrors actually bounce energies around the bedroom. Other than the wrong direction of sleeping in bedroom, wrong placement of mirrors can create restlessness and enhance mental worries. Both of these are a sign of high water element in your bedroom. Therefore, think twice before hanging mirror in your bedroom, especially on the wall opposite the bed.

There is a popular Vastu myth that none of your body parts should reflect in the mirror while sleeping and doing so can cause quarrels and fights. This is certainly not true.

The actual logic behind this is that a lot of people are not able to handle the bouncing energies reflected by the mirrors in the bedroom.

In fact, if you have a dressing table with mirror in your bedroom, do make sure it does not face your bed directly. The ideal placement of a dressing table with mirror as per Vastu is somewhere it lies hidden and is not visible from the bed.

Thus, if you really ask us the right place for mirror in bedroom, it has to be some place from where it is not visible when you’re on the bed. Alternatively, you can place the mirror in living rooms instead of bedrooms.

If you have no other choice and you must actually place a mirror in bedroom, keep in mind the right directions for placement of mirrors – North, East, North East and West walls.

If you still can’t follow these Vastu rules for mirror placement, you must keep the mirrors covered with a cloth or blinds or better still you must place them inside your wardrobe or almirah.

Mirror Vastu Tips for living room

Placing mirrors in living room can boost up the style quotient of your space. With excellent and modern deigns available, placing mirrors in living room has become a top choice for interior designers.

While deciding the placement of mirrors in living room, you must keep in mind the Vastu rules as mentioned above.

In addition to that, make sure that the mirrors are placed in such a way that they reflect positive things, surroundings etc. A mirror facing Mother Nature or green surroundings can boost the circulation of positive energies in your living room. A reflection of food and beautiful flowers gives a sense of abundance in the house.

On the contrary, mirrors reflecting clutter, dirty drains outside or unpleasant objects can increase the flow of negative energies.
Do remember to keep in mind the directions as mentioned above while placing mirrors in the living room.

Mirror Vastu Tips for bathroom

When placing mirrors in the bathroom, there are certain mirror Vastu tips that you should take care of. First and foremost, the

mirrors in bathroom should not reflect the toilet seat or WC.

If they do, they are actually doubling up the negative energies of the toilet seat.

Secondly, you should not place mirrors in a dark corner lest they will double up the darkness quotient.

It is best to use a small sized mirror (not larger than 2 feet X 3 feet) in the bathroom.

Never place a mirror on the bathroom door or else they will reflect back the energies into your room or living area.

Vastu Tips for almirah with mirror

The ideal placement of an almirah with mirror as per Vastu is the West direction. Since the almirah has weight, it is ideal to place it in the South West. However, an almirah with mirror also has the element of water with it (in the form of mirror).
Thus, both water and weight together are ideal for the West walls in the house.

Smaller almirah or cupboards with mirror can also be placed in the North and East walls.

Vastu for Mirrors: Do’s and Don’ts

Mirror Vastu – Do’s

  1.  Keep all mirrors and glass objects clean all the time. Accumulated dust on them is not a good sign
  2. Use full length mirrors in which your whole body is visible and no body part appears to be cut. This will give you a sense of completeness when you look into them.
  3. Place mirrors in such a way that they reflect well lit areas. This will make the adjoining areas of your house look bigger and brighter.
  4. Mirrors should always reflect beautiful views of nature, beautiful objects or pleasant scenery. This will bring in the required positive energies in the house.
  5. Use mirror judiciously to enhance a cut area in the house or when you need to increase the water element in the house.
  6. Always use mirrors with wooden frames of appropriate colors depending on the direction of placement.
  7. The dining area is an ideal place for mirrors as they will reflect food which represents abundance.
  8. Strictly avoid placing mirrors of triangular shapes as it is the shape of the fire element.
  9. Avoid placing mirrors opposite the study table or workstations as they may cause distractions while working and can double the workload.
  10. A small mirror placed in the cash box or safe is a good idea as it creates a doubling effect on the cash and valuables.

Mirror Vastu – Don’ts

  1. Avoid hanging mirrors in your bedroom. Mirrors enhance energies in the bedroom and can cause restlessness and anxiety.
  2. People with excess Kapha and Vata dosha as per Ayurveda should generally avoid the use of too many mirrors as this aggravates their doshas.
  3. A mirror facing a fireplace or kitchen stove is a strict no as it amplifies the fire energy.
  4. Avoid mirrors facing the toilet as they can amplify the negative energies of toilet.
  5. Avoid placing mirrors in the zones of your house which are already extended as this may increase the zonal strength further creating an imbalance.
  6. Don’t hang odd shaped or distorted mirrors as you may not feel good looking yourself into them.
  7. Broken or chipped mirrors should never be kept in the house.
  8. Don’t hang mirrors at odd heights – too high or too low since this may cause some part of your body to be visibly cut.
  9. Avoid placing mirrors in the kitchen because kitchen signifies fire element  as per Vastu and mirrors represent water.
  10. Never hang mirrors in a dark corner of a room or else it will reflect and amplify darkness, something we don’t want.

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