5 Days Advance Vastu Courses

Our Life is governed by our inner-self which is full of desires, emotions, intelligence & actions. The Place we live & work from influences our inner-self, life situations & outcome of our efforts.

During these 5 days, you will :-

  • Master the Science & art of balancing your home and office to lead desired life full of health, wealth & happiness.
  • Master Alchemy of space for holistic living.
  • Learn 4-step Vastu application method for recognising the influence of your home and work place on your life and subconscious mind.
  • Learn the systematic problem-solving method with accurate diagnosis of the root cause of a problem first.
  • Learn easy-to-apply, 16 Vastu techniques and achieve desired solutions without demolitions or drastic changes to the building spaces.
  • Start giving accurate reasons along with Remedies just by listening to the problems of others.
  • Learn how to program the space around you to yield the desired results.
  • Get the hands-on practice of real time problem solving through complex case studies with one to one interactions with Experts .
  • Rediscover true joy and happiness and get a new perspective to life.
  • Get answers to your questions and wayouts to fulfil your desires.
  • Become a certified Vastu Expert and a part of SotiVastu family.
  • Learn Laws of attracting moneyopportunitiesgrowth, and gains on investments and improving social recognition.
  • Learn Vastu solutions for buildings, apartments, plots, duplexes, Businesses and Industries
SotiVastu BasicsSotiVastu In DepthSotiVastu Advance TechniquesSotiVastu Programming & Symbols
Focusing on problemVastu decoding of Vedic Prospective on Laws of Universe.Handling irregular plots.How symbols create desired results.
How to make to the scale plans.Theory of cause & effect.Management without demolition.How to use symbols.
Using compass & finding directionInfluence of stars & planets.Elemental Strips.Use of Mantras.
Marking center and gridding.What creates effects in a building.Space Surgery.Using Pyramids.
Determining facing of building.Earth Energies.Space Extension.Live Examples of usage of symbols.
Types of Entrances & Effects.Decoding 45 powers of Vastu Purush Mandala.Space Purifying.Using Sculptures & paintings.
Vastu 16 directions, Zones & Effects.How 45 powers manifest in building.Virtual Entry.Vastu Programming for desired results.
Area of Each Zone.Utilise the 45 Powers to create miraculous results.Marma Technique.Solutions for Relationships, Health, Studies, Carrier, Money.
Bar Chart Analysis.Use of Mirrors.
Effects of room and each activity.
Five Elements
Recognizing 5 elements colour, shape and attributes.
Relationship of Elements & Zones
Effects of various objects like TV, Fridge, invertor, washing machine

Learn a step by step procedure to read your horoscope and answer questions related with important aspects like Money, Health, Marriage, Job, children, Relationships and Business.

After learning astrology in Astro Power Course, you will be able to

  • Predict accurate date of marriage from a horoscope in 15 minutes. And, also concluding whether it will be love or arranged one. You will also learn to read about features and profession of partner.
  • Choose a perfect occupation according to strengths of planets in a horoscope which ensure abundance of money, fame and success.
  • Accurately decide the most suitable Professional Course from the horoscope of a child. This helps in making a better and financially secure future for him.
  • Decide a perfect Gemstone to get healing from the disease. You will also be proficient to know the nature of disease and duration of illness.
  • Select the right Mantra to awaken your latent potentials for achieving greater heights in life.
  • Decide the best suitable Direction for you to sit, work and sleep to attract holistic growth in your life
  • Decide most auspicious Colour and Gemstone to attract wealth and prosperity.
  • Judge accurately the favourable and low phases in your life through study of Mahadasha and Antardasha lords. In depth understanding of the same will help you to pin-pointedly predict relevant events in your life.

With latest research in Vedic astrology, you will also learn many practical Shortcuts & logical Tricks to make accurate predictions quickly from any horoscope.

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