Vastu for Home

“vastu for Residence” transforms your house into a real home – full of love, happiness, health and peace.

Our home defines us. It is in these enclosed walls, that we dream and aspire for a greater future. It is here where we give and receive love which nurtures our body, mind and soul. This is where our personality is formed, our character is built and attitude is developed.

Purpose of following the discipline of Vastu Shastra is to activate divinity of an enclosed space called Vastu Purusha who bestows health, wealth, peace and happiness, leading to Vastu Dosha otherwise.

Right thing at right place gives balance required for positive and productive environment. Pain areas of life are a result of imbalances in respective directions caused by the placement of objects, appliances and colors in inappropriate directions. 

powers of 16 directions and different characteristics of each direction e.g. Spirituality , Health, Happiness, Social Connectivity, Thinking, Money, Power, Peace, Expanses, Bonding, Study, Gains, Depression, Divine Help, Pleasures, Treasures etc.

Utilizing powers of 16 directions is what Vastu is all about.


Implication of Vastu is beyond the basic understanding of directions and its principles. Therefore, never make any changes without consulting a Genuine Vastu expert.

  1. The best shapes for a house are either square of Rectangular. If the plot is rectangular, it is better that it is extended more on the north than to the south and not west to east.
  2. The plot should have a proportion of 1:2. It should not appear as squeezed between two larger pieces of land as such land will bring its owner misfortune.
  3. The northeast side of the land should either have a slope or should be low. Such a land with a slope in teh NE and E or an extension in the NE and E will bring prosperity and good fortune.
  4. Round, oval, triangular plots should be avoided.


  1. Any cuts or missing areas most importantly in the SW or the NE are not considered as auspicious.
  2. A house should be a square or rectangle shape with no missing or cut corner.
  3. Extensions in the SW, NW, W, S, SE will cause financial worries, loss of mental peace and even litigations.
  4. Extensions in the North, NE, & E will bring wealth, happiness & good fortune.


  1. It is auspicious to have an open space or a garden in the NE.
  2. No Heavy trees should be planted in front of the house. Small plants should be planted in the East & the SE side of the house.
  3. Heavy trees should be planted on the South or West side. However, make sure the trees should be away from the house and should not touch the compound wall also.
  4. Avoid creepers and thorny plants. Plant trees like Neem, Coconut, Lemon, Almond & Jack Fruit in the South West and Pomegranate in the South East.


  1. Maximum positive energy is received in the North East or North; therefore it is the best option for Living Room, Study room, Portico, Pooja Room, Children Room.
  2. East & North direction bring in a lot of positive energy, therefore it is advisable to have a dining room in the East or North.
  3. West direction can be the 2nd option for placing the Dining room.

Water Source


  • The underground water source should be built on the Northern side of the North East, or North, or the East side of the plot.
  • It is extremely inauspicious to dig a well in the South, South West, West, North West side of the house, as it will bring all sorts of problems in the stability of the master of the house.
  • It is also inauspicious to have a well in the middle of the house, as Brahmasthan the center of a house is like the Central Nervous System, hole / well in the center will be like a hole in the Central Nervous System, which will cause total destruction.


  1. The overhead water tank should be in the southwest or west corners of the building because overhand water tank is earth element.
  2. An overhead water tank should not under any circumstances be located in the Northeast, North, East, North West or southeast corners, or in the Center.


A Garage or Servant’s quarters if built separately should be located in the North West as a 1st Option or in the South East as 2nd Option. However it should not touch the boundary wall.


  1. Prayers should be performed facing the East, North East or North side.
  2. It is best to make a temple in the NE. Second option is west direction.If the house is a double floor house, the place for worship should be on the Ground floor.
  3. The pictures and deities should face either East or West.
  4. The size of the deities’ statues should not be more than your palm.
  5. No toilets should be above or below the Puja Room.


  1. The Kitchen should ideally be in the South East (Agni) ,never in North east.
  2. It should neither be next to the Toilet nor opposite the main door. The Cooking Range should not be visible from the main door.
  3. Cooking should be done facing the East.
  4. Electrical items like Oven, Grinders, and inverters should also be placed in the SE. The sink should be in the NE corner of the Kitchen.
  5. If there is a dining table inside the kitchen, it should either be in the West or the NW corner of the Kitchen



  1. MBR should be in the SW of the house, as it will provide stability to the master of the house.
  2. As a 2nd option its fine to have a master bedroom in the South or West.
  3. A Master Bedroom in the North East should be avoided at any cost, as NE has immense auspicious energy which will disturb the married life of the master of the house. He will lack the decision making ability.
  4. Master Bedroom in the NW will trigger a lot of extra marital issues.
  5. Master bedroom in the SE will initiate quarrels between the couples.
  6. Sleeping position with the head in the South will enhance the confidence level; head with the East will bring success and blessings of Sun.
  7. Iron safe should be kept in the SW with the door opening in the North direction. This will invite a lot of positivity & good fortune in one’s life.
  8. Avoid Green Plant in Master Bed room of SW direction.


  1. Son will carry on the responsibility of the house, therefore it is imperative to give him the right type of energy from the beginning. Ideally, Son’s bedroom should in the South or the West direction.
  2. Younger children bedroom can also be on the east side of the house.


  1. Daughter’s bedroom & Guest room is considered best should be in NW (Vayu).


  1. Bathrooms and toilets should be on the SSW, WNW & ESE side.
  2. There should be no bathroom on the NE and East side it will affect the finances & health of the residents of the house.
  3. Bathrooms in the SE will generate ladies related health issues & in the South will cause fire & water clash, and will impact the fame region.


  1. Staircase is a very critical aspect of Vastu analysis.
  2. It should be built in the South West or West side of the house.
  3. Do not in any case build a staircase or Lift in the NE, as it will exhaust finances, health & relationship of the residents. Loss of wealth will be experienced.
  4. The staircase that takes you to the 1st floor should not go down till the basement.
  5. The staircase should always be clockwise direction in SSW, WNW & ESE andanticlockwise in other directions.


  1. Basement is not advisable in a house.
  2. If you have to build one then it should be in the NE or North side with a slope on the NE side.

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