Vastu for Factory

sotivastu always stresses on complete understanding of Production Process and Targeted Results. It is also particular about deciding critical steps of a process which makes any product unique.

Each industry has a unique feature in its products. In one industry, it may be just controlling the heat treatments to get the desired product; in second industry it may be maintaining the cooling temperatures to get the desired product; In third, controlling the quality of raw material; in fourth, quality may come from production process; while in fifth, it may be a just matter of monitoring the finishing stage of the production process.

For different kinds of industries with different issues, five different kinds of Vastu design solutions will give the same result i.e. Success of Product. When desired result is only one, i.e. Success, the Vastu Formula is also the same; however, the Application Method changes as per Technical requirements of the industry.

For example, ‘Quality’ is needed in every industry; but priority differs as per the industry; e.g., in Food industry, Taste comes first, Quality is the second and Presentation is the third aspect of success.

In Personal Accessories industry, Design comes first, Quality is the second and Price is the third aspect of success.

In Pharmaceutical Industry, Quality in terms of composition is the first; Design, Taste and Price are lesser important for commercial success of the medicine.

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